Canbefaster Agency
  • Agency License Features & Commercial Use.
  • Lead Finding App.
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns.
  • Speed Enhancement Tool.
  • Adding Sub-users And Multiple Location Access.
  • Ready-Made Agency Website Template That Can Be Installed On Your Server And Edit Whenever You Want.
  • Easily Sell Your Speed Optimization Services Business.
  • Ready-Made & In-Built Converting Email Templates.
  • Speed Up Your Website, Rank Higher On Google.
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    Let us take all the headaches, hassle and pain out of finding clients and speeding up their website.
  • Everybody in the industry knows that Getting clients and optimizing their website is time-consuming, complicated, and expensive and there are a lot of Bloggers, Marketers, eCom Store Owners, Affiliate Marketers, Local Business Owners, Freelancers who are looking for support and are ready to pay in order to optimize their website speed so they convert and rank more in google.
  • Website owners these days are in need for a solution to optimize their websites they are just waiting for your offer
  • This is exactly why you need Canbefaster Agency.

  • The Canbefaster Agency Upgrade includes a Converting Done-For-You Agency Template website to sell your website optimization services.
  • The Canbefaster Agency Upgrade allows you to ADD SUB-USERS , so you can give access to your team members and let you delegate your work.
  • Just Leverage Our Knowledge, Skills, Marketing Material And Our breakthrough software To sell your website optimization services and Earn more profits!! Activate your profit Machine with this Agency License Today:
  • Activate your profit Machine with this Agency License Today:



    Here is everything that you get with the
    Canbefaster Agency Upgrade:

    With Agency License

    You get complete rights to help your clients, sell the websites speed optimization services & earn super-cool profits! This is a game changing opportunity for the newbie and experienced marketers.

    Website speed optimization services is a goldmine these days…Web Agencies and Freelancers are making bank profits, providing Website speed services for online businesses all over the world. Website professionals especially freelancers are making good money and getting a lot of clientele by creating gigs for selling website speed optimization services on popular forums like Fiverr and

    Most of them don’t understand how to get in touch with clients and sales that canbefaster can get. Here, YOU get an opportunity to make big bucks and solve this problem with Canbefaster Agency.

  • Just reach your clients and other businesses telling them how they can convert and rank more by optimizing their website speed ….
  • ….Your clients are looking for ROI and you can easily do this with CanBeFaster’s premium technology to convert their slow and dead machines into high speed sales monsters driving conversions and revenue for them – All in few minutes!.
  • …..This will help them increase conversions without them actually doing anything.

    This add-on makes it easier than ever for you to make more money.We are providing a Ready-Made Agency Website Template For You To Run Your Business! This includes a ready sales copy and Drag-N-Drop Editor to edit whatever you want.

    You can install this agency template on your website server and edit it with your own information like profile, Business description, contact information, Service packaging and examples of your work. This makes set-up more easier and faster for you to get your website speed optimization business running.

  • You just need to download a small file, upload it on your server, add your logo, other details and you’re all set up.

    You’ll have a fully set-up website optimization agency, selling website speed optimization services and running in no time.
  • With this feature, your team members can be added as sub-users and they get Access to Track Campaigns You’re Running.

    Once your team members are added as sub-users they also get a software login and can access from multiple locations.
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    Here’s What You're GettingWith The Agency License Upgrade:

    • Agency License Features & Commercial Use.
    • Adding Sub-users And Multiple Location Access.
    • Ready-Made Agency Website Template That Can Be Installed On Your Server And Edit Whenever You Want.
    • Easily Sell Your Speed Optimization Services Business.